Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hamburg, Germany! and moving out

Hamburg is one of the most diverse cities I have ever seen in the people, landscape, and culture. Within walking distance, the city is home to many different districts, including the warehouse district, the red light district, the city center, beautiful parks, and the Moenckebergstrasse shopping area. Whatever you are looking for, Hamburg has something for you. I spent two days in Hamburg this past weekend, and I took a walking tour of the city while I was there. On the tour, they told us a lot about the city and about how The Beatles came to fame while playing at small bars and night clubs in the "Reeperbaun", or the red light district. I also heard a rumor that The Beatles wrote their first song on the fifth floor of the building that has now been renovated to be the hostel that I stayed in. And I stayed on the fifth floor!

 Train station in Hamburg, Germany

View of the city from the top of a 452 stair climb in St. Michael's Cathedral
 Hamburg town hall

Graffiti is everywhere!
Warehouse district

Warehouse district
More graffiti...
Beatles Street - this is the street where they began playing daily in bars and eventually gained popularity
First bar that The Beatles played at in Hamburg

Back in Aarhus, everyone is beginning to leave for summer holiday, which most people take for the month of July, meaning that my stay here is coming to a close. Tomorrow is my last day of work. I have wrapped up the study I have been working on and the poster is almost complete. Tomorrow afternoon my family is flying in to see the city and then we will do a little bit of traveling throughout Western Europe before heading back home.

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